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—  omakase  —

Traditional Japanese Seasonal Course (changes regularly)


Omakase - Premium  £100

Selection of Sashimi, Cold appetizers, Selection of grilled and deep fried appetizers, Premium Sushi, Japanese Soup, Dessert




A la carte  


Chef's selection SUSHI          14 pieces £62.00 or 12 pieces £52.00



Chef's selection SASHIMI          £48.00





SASHIMI a la carte


Very fatty tuna sashimi     Market price

Fatty tuna sashimi     £24.00

Tuna sashimi     £16.00 (Special offer £8.00)

Salmon sashimi     £14.00

Yellow tail sashimi      £24.00

Thin sliced turbot with Ponzu     £28.00


Sushi a la carte


Very fatty tuna / Sea urchin     Market price

Fatty tuna / Yellow tail / Red prawn      £5.50

Tuna / Turbot / Salmon roe / Scallop / Eel / Sea bream / Sea bass      £3.50

Salmon / Squid / Sweet shrimp / Japanese omelette / Horse mackerel     £3.00

Fatty tuna with spring onion roll     £14.00

Tuna roll     £8.00

Salmon Roll     £7.00

Eel and cucumber roll     £16.00

Spicy roll or Spicy tuna roll     £18.00



Miso soup with tofu and seaweed     £4.50

Miso soup with clam       £7.00



cold appetizers


Edamame     £4.50

Boiled spinach in Japanese sauce     £5.00

Boiled spinach with sesame sauce     £5.50

Horse mackerel and Japanese ginger with Ponzu    £18.00

Tuna with grated yam potato     £16.00

Mixed seafood and pickled with grated yam potato     £24.00

Scallop and Japanese ginger with Yuzu Miso     £18.00

Green salad with Japanese dressing     £7.00

Mixed seaweed salad     £9.00

Mixed sea food salad     £24.00


        Warm appetizers


Grilled black cod marinated sweet miso    £32.00

Grilled eel with teriyaki sauce    £28.00

Grilled yellow tail cheek shoulder with salt    £20.00

Grilled mackerel with salt    £12.00

Skewer minced chicken ball in teriyaki sauce    £8.00

Sea urchin tempura    £22.00

Mixed tempura    £14.00

Prawn tempura     £16.00

Deep friedwrapped edamame    £7.00

Deep fried iberian pork    £16.00

Deep fried pork radish with ponzu    £14.00

Deep fried sea bass with plum    £18.00

Deep fried horse mackerel    £9.00

Deep fried skewer pork with sweet miso    £12.00

Deep fried chicken kikuchi style    £9.00

Grilled aubergine with sweet miso paste    £8.00

Stir fried scallop and mushroom in butter    £18.00

Japanese omelette     £7.00

Deep fried iberian pork with steamed egg    £18.00

Deep fried tofu with soy soup    £7.00




Minimum order for food is £40.00 per person

If you have any dietary requirements or allegies, please kindly let us know in advance


Executive Chef Masayuki Kikuchi